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From Nanjing Tech University a new rapid identification system of Atlantic salmon.

To date, DNA-based analyses are the most suitable and most widespread tool to counteract frauds by replacing species in the seafood sector and to verify the quality of products placed on the market.

These techniques are very effective in that they are able to identify with confidence a certain fish species, even after processing, or to distinguish it from other morphologically similar ones. However, this type of analysis must necessarily be carried out in a laboratory equipped with suitable machinery and specialized personnel capable of evaluating, understanding and interpreting the data obtained.

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Tracing the supply chain of medicinal herbs, from the field to the shelf, with the help of DNA.

According to data published by Persistence Market Reasearch, the market for plant food supplements in recent years is undergoing a sharp increase, so much so that it is estimated that in 2025 this could be worth around 65 billion dollars.

A positive influence on the development of this sector derives undoubtedly from the adoption of a healthier lifestyle by an increasing number of consumers. A change that translates into the purchase of high quality products and a particular attention to their organoleptic characteristics.

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