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Analysis of prebiotics and probiotics

We conduct analysis for evaluation of effectiveness of products based on probiotics and prebiotics for definition, validation or improvement of their formulations.
Ricerca E Sviluppo Probiotici

Our service of R&D on Prebiotic and Probiotics consist in:

  • Develop, define, validate new products to be placed on the market
  • Analyze the composition and formulation of products already on the market
  • Evaluate the efficacy and persistence of probiotic and prebiotic bacteria in biological samples
  • Evaluate the efficacy and persistence of probiotic bacteria on the complete microbiome of a target organ
  • Verify the beneficial effects of prebiotics and probiotics on the microbiome of a target organ.
Species  Identification  service

Species Identification

DNA analysis to verify the quality of raw materials or ascertain the presence or absence of specific animal, plant or bacterial species in finished and processed products.

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Analysis of probiotics and/or prebiotics

Analysis of probiotics and/or prebiotics

Analysis and research for the evaluation of the efficacy of probiotics and prebiotics, to define, validate and improve the formulations of new and existing products such as food, beverages and supplements.

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Avian molecular diagnostic services

Avian molecular diagnostic services

Services based on DNA testing for the identification of brid gender (male or female) and and avian diseases diagnostics (Avian Polyomavirus, Psittacine Beak and Feather Disease , Chlamydia).

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    Piazza della Scienza 2, 20126, Milano (MI), Italy