The Company


In FEM2-Environment (Food, Environment, ManageMent) we take the technologies developed in university research centers and we transforms them into innovative tools to provide effective solutions to resolve the problems of private citizens and businesses.

FEM2-Ambiente was established in 2010 as spin-off of the University of Milano-Bicocca. We are a biotech company. Our multidisciplinary team is expert in agri-food and environmental biotechnologies and it has knowledge of cosmetics, veterinary and pharmaceutical sectors.

We are a young and growing company and we believe in the value of research because we work together with best research groups of the University of Milano-Bicocca,  bearing in mind the markets demands.  This allowed us to develop innovative and reliable solutions for our clients even in the event of unconventional problems.

We provide different types of analyses and services:

  • Identification of species through DNA
  • Validation and evaluation of the efficacy of prebiotics and probiotics
  • Scientific advice and research and development
  • Analysis for birdlife
  • Water analysis
  • Radon gas analysis